Electronic cigarettes, e cigarettes or e cigs are fast becoming the best alternative for smokers all over the UK. These cigarettes give the same sensation and feeling a smoker experiences when he smokes a traditional cigarette. The e cig is smoke free, ash free and odour free. As it is smoke free, it is environmentally friendly, and a smoker can enjoy it whenever he wants. You can smoke an e-cigarette even in places where smoking is banned. It is a cheaper way of smoking as you enjoy more smoke for the same amount you would spend on traditional cigarettes.

The electronic cigarette kit consists of the e-cig battery, the e-cig atomizer and the cartridge that stores the e-liquid. The battery heats the e liquid and vaporizes it for inhalation. The vapour does not pose health risks like a regular cigarette, and you do not have to suffer the embarrassment of bad breath. This type of smoking does not expose you to the harmful substances that a traditional cigarette contains, and smokers are allowed the satisfaction of knowing that their habit is not causing harm to their loved ones and others around them. The special liquid is available in various flavours and strengths. There is a range of liquid flavours, and some favourites are menthol, strawberry, cherry and the RY series.

The past few years have witnessed tremendous improvement in designs, and there are numerous variations. These cigarettes do not help smokers quit their smoking habit; rather, they are a healthier alternative to smoking as they are free of cancer causing carcinogens. The simple electronic device is very easy to use and maintain.

As e cigarettes are not considered tobacco products, it is legal to advertise them anywhere, and they can be purchased over the counter and from online stores.

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