Electronic Cigarette Reviews – Which are Best?

It is mostly agreed upon that V2 Cigs would be the best current electronic cigarette on the market. The vapor clouds it can generate are incredible and the feeling the throat hit provides is just the right blend of harsh and soothing. It does not overpower like some can.

The overall variety offered by this electronic cigarette is also truly remarkable. Just as you would expect, there are tons of flavors with the V2, but it goes even further even down to designer batteries. The growing trend of e cigs as a more fashion oriented accessory can be catered to wonderfully here. The design is forward thinking in other ways as well, such as the inclusion of the new EX cartridges that last twice as long as before and allow the user to see how much liquid they have left as well.

After the V2, the Green Smoke model is likely the next best choice. Users actually tend to flip flop on which they think is truly best. The Green Smoke provides a great flavor, large potential exhales, and perhaps the strongest throat hit found in any other variety on the market. It is strong, but of course, there are plenty of vapers out there that will enjoy that. If you smoked lighter cigarettes before however this will not be for you.

There is also quite a bit of bite upon inhaling as well. Full flavored cigarette users of the past (or heavy smokers in general) will truly love the Green Smoke. The vapor clouds are about on part with those provided by the V2. It also helps that their menthol ice flavor is about the best version of menthol found anywhere else. Green Smoke is definitely a solid choice overall.

Next, potential vape users may want to consider the South Beach Smoke electronic cigarette brand. This brand does not have much of an effective throat hit, so previous smokers who liked light cigarettes will probably enjoy it. The smoothness might be a bit too dull for others, so your mileage will vary. It is a fine choice other than that.

However, the Premium Vapes brand offers the same smooth effect while also providing much more choices. This may be a good choice even for anyone simply to help keep usage interesting. Since using e cigs are a way to get off of more dangerous regular cigarettes, anything to help inspire you to keep using the electronic variety instead is a plus. There are also plenty of aesthetic choices to choose from with this brand. They certainly know how to turn heads.

Ultimately, the Simply eLiquid, Premium Vapes, Green Smoke, V2, and South Beach Smoke varieties are all strong contenders and might be all you will ever need out of an electronic cigarette depending on personal taste. If you like strong throat hits, by all means, go for the Green Smoke, and if you like it smoother, the South Beach Smoke is best. The V2 is the best at combining both worlds however, so it would make a great first choice.

Get The E Cig Liquid You Want Soon!

There are a lot of benefits to switching to e cigs. Here you’re going to learn about the e cig liquid that you can order and make your device work with. Just follow along and you’ll get the best information that is available on this subject.

Know that ordering more than one thing is a good idea if you want to get the best deal on an e cigarette liquid. You can mix and match flavors, and then you will save on shipping most of the time if you’re able to combine items into one order. Most places will allow you to do this, but if you find anything out that says you can’t do this, then maybe you’ll save more money by shopping elsewhere for this type of thing. Just be sure you take your time with it all and you should do fine.

Know how your device works before trying to add liquid to any part of it. You should also know just how much liquid you can put into a device so that you don’t mess it up in any way. Just go at it carefully, and look up a tutorial online if you don’t know what you’re doing. Your device probably came with some kind of instructions, so get those out when you have any questions. You’ll be happy you did because if you do something wrong you could damage your device which can make it really hard for you to use.

You may be able to find a local place that allows you to pick out the flavors you want and then you can try them out before you buy them. Generally a place like this is known as a juice bar. Just be respectful when trying things out and know that they are letting you try product for free. This means that you’re going to need to make sure you buy something if you can so that you don’t make them angry that you just went in there without the intention to do anything but vape for free.

Be careful where you decide to vape at in public when you finally find a liquid that you like. It’s not illegal to smoke an e-cig in most places, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t respect the rules that people have in their properties. Just ask if you don’t know whether or not you can vape because you don’t want everyone else to get banned later because you vaped when it wasn’t a time that was appropriate. Respect the people and then they should be respectful to you when you decide that you want to have an e-cigarette somewhere.

Now it’s probably clear to you that e-cigs liquid is something you can get if you just know what you’re looking for. Take this one step at a time and when you’re done you will have the e cig liquid that you need for a price that’s right.